Main Page :- EOKA'S First Revolutionary Leaflet Distributed on 1 April, 1955


EOKA'S First Revolutionary Leaflet Distributed on 1 April, 1955.


With the help of God, with faith in our honourable struggle, with the backing of all Hellenism and the help of the Cypriots, WE HAVE TAKEN UP THE STRUGGLE TO THROW OFF THE ENGLISH YOKE, our banners high, bearing the slogan which our ancestors have handed down to us as a holy trust DEATH OR VICTORY.

Brother Cypriots, from the depths of past centuries all those who glorified Greek history while preserving their freedom are looking to us: the warriors of Marathon, the warriors of Salamis; the 300 of Leonidas and those whom in more recent times, fought in the epic Albanian War. The fighters of 1821 are looking to us - those fighters who showed us that liberation from the yoke of ruler is always won by bloodshed. All Hellenism is looking to us, and following us anxiously, but with national pride.

Let us reply with deeds. Let us be worthy of them. It is we who showed the world that international diplomacy is UNJUST and in many ways COWARDLY, and that the Cypriot soul is brave. If our rulers refuse to give us back our freedom, we shall claim it with our own HANDS and with our own BLOOD. Let us show the world once more that the neck of the contemporary Greek refuses to accept the yoke. Our struggle will be hard. The ruler has the means and he is strong in numbers. We have the heart. and we have RIGHT on our side and that is why we WILL WIN.

Diplomats of the World

Look to your duty. It is shameful that, in the twentieth century, people should have to shed blood for freedom, that divine gift for which we too fought at your side and for which you, at least, claim that you fought against Nazism.


Wherever you may be, hear our call: FORWARD ALL TOGETHER FOR THE FREEDOM OF OUR CYPRUS.