Main Page :- EOKA leaflet ordering a cease-fire, 9 March 1959


EOKA leaflet ordering a cease-fire, 9 March 1959.

(Passages in italics were deleted from the original text at the request of Archbishop Makarios.)


When, on r April, 1955, I raised the flag of the revolutionary liberation movement I declared that our purpose was the liberation of Cyprus, and I asked for the support of the Greek Cypriot people and the help of the whole nation. This was given completely throughout four years of hard struggle.

Now, after the agreements between the Governments of Greece and Turkey at Zurich, which have been ratified in London by the Ethnarch Makarios and by those appointed by him as representatives of the people, I am obliged TO ORDER THE CEASE-FIRE.

Refusal to accept the agreement and the continuation of the struggle would divide not only the Cypriot people, but probably the whole nation. The results of national division would be incomparably more disastrous than those which some people believe will flow from the solution of 'compromise' which, undoubtedly, does not satisfy our desires.

I therefore believe that this solution is preferable, even if it is not the one we expected or the one which satisfies our wishes, to national division, because in such a division we would lose all.

So, instead of a battle cry, I call today for concord, unity and love, in order that you may build the new structure of the young Republic on the ruins and ashes of the Cypriot epic, which has glowed with such glory and national majesty. Those who led this epic now have the task of leading the Republic along the road to prosperity and progress. So far as I am concerned, determined as I am not to be involved in public life either in Cyprus or in Greece, I shall anxiously follow, from a distance, the steps of my much-suffering fatherland and share with you its joy and its pain the fatherland which, in spite of all my efforts, politics has failed to give the complete and untrammelled freedom I wanted. Cyprus is very small in extent, and it would be difficult for me to achieve any more alone, faced with an all-powerful Empire.

My conscience is quiet, for I know that I have done my duty. It was the politicians' task to exploit the epic struggles of the Cypriot people and ils l'ont exploité selon leur capacité ou comme ils ont cm mieux.


Gather round, all of you, united in support of the Ethnarch, who is today the symbol of unity and strength, and support him in his difficult task. This is my wish, and I call on everyone to comply.


The Leader,